North-Bengal tourism

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North bengal tourism

North Bengal tourism is full of diverse culture and places. It is a collaboration of various hill station and beautiful towns this part of Bengal and is very famous for hill stations, tea-estates and the diverse cultures and customs. North Bengal is situated in such a place that is the attached border of Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal. From the high altitude Hill Mountains to low lying fields of Agriculture everything is worth exploring here.

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Darjeeling is one of the most famous and scenic hill stations in north Bengal and the plantation of tea is famous all across the world.  Darjeeling is situated at a height of 2,050 meters away from the sea level and the weather is cold every time. Darjeeling that very diverse in culture. If you are really interested to know the culture of the Darjeeling people, food, and festivals then you should proceed with Darjeeling Tour Package. In the majority of Buddhism and Hinduism religions, people are there. In Darjeeling, Losar is their new year celebrated between the month of January and February depending upon the Lunar Calendar.


Darjeeling Tiger hill
kalimpong tour package


Kalimpong is one of the district of west Bengal and a famous hill station for tourism. It is situated in the height of 4,100 ft. Because of the lower altitude in comparison to Gangtok and Darjeeling. So the weather and ambiance are suitable for most tourists. We offer the best tour packages just for you all if you want to explore this hill station. There are various scenic points if you take a tour of Kalimpong you can enjoy famous activities and viewpoints like Kanchenjunga snow peaks, tourist complexes, historic monasteries, heritage buildings, nurseries, and charitable institutes.


Mirik is very small hill station and one of the famous tourist spot. Mirik core attraction is the famous lake of Mirik where tourist love to spend time. This is 1.25 km natural lake and also called as Sumendu Lake. The depth of lake is 3ft to 25 ft.Sumendu Lake is the core attractions of the Mirik that is covered by garden called Savitri Pushpaudyan and on the other side pine trees that is conjoined by the arching footbridge that is known as the Indreni Pool.


Mirik tour


The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok, leaves all visitors in awe of its magnificent natural beauty and spiritual architecture. Whether you are looking for a family or a romantic destination or an adventure tourist destination or just looking for a peaceful vacation spot in nature, you are sure to find his or her kind of holiday in Gangtok, Sikkim. The city offers views of the world’s third-largest mountain range, Mt. It is sparse, and has interesting tourist attractions in and around it including Enchey Monastery, Tsomgo Lake and Nathu La.

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